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Tina Carvalho Biography

After completing high school in Honolulu, I entered the University of Hawaii majoring in art. After a couple of years I could no longer avoid the required classes in science. To my surprise I actually liked physics! I took more courses in chemistry and biology, and I was hooked. Yes, it is true, when your parents and teachers insist that you should study many different subjects in case you unexpectedly find one that turns you on, they know what they're talking about. Sorry! When I had the opportunity to learn electron microscopy at the University of California, Berkeley, I new I found my niche.

I am now the supervisor of the Biological Electron Microscope Facility in the Pacific Biomedical Research Center at the University of Hawaii. These days, naturally, computers are used in various ways in the EM Lab. In the course of becoming familiar with image editing software I became fond of colorizing (normally black and white) electron micrographs. My love of art and science have combined to create MicroAngela.