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Microworld #106 with a border created from Microworld #103. Stargazer Lilies with a black background manipulated to be a 36" X 36" scarf.

Microworld #82 with a border created from Microworld #78.
At this point in time I am selling scarves of my original designs, both Diana Ballard Designs and Microworld. All of my designs are in repeat and can be created as an all over pattern for any of the scarf sizes available. Some of the designs can be manipulated to create borders or a square motif. Different colorways are available too. Custom scarves can be designed with an art charge of $80.00 an hour plus the basic scarf price. The scarves are double sided. Since they are double sided you could have different designs or colorways on each side. These prices are for scarves made of 12mm silk satin or 12.5mm silk charmeuse. You can use any of the other silk fabrics that I have but the price of the scarf will change depending on the fabric you choose. I can also print other sizes of scarves. These prices do not include shipping. I have next day, 2nd day or ground shipping available. All of the scarves are printed and made as they are ordered. The time from ordering to shipping will vary depending on my printing schedule. Please call or Email me about prices, printing schedules, and shipping.
Scarf Size
10" X 60"
10" X 72"
12" X 60"
12" X 72"
36" X 36"

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