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Printed 12.5mm Silk Charmeuse with designs from the Diana Ballard Designs collecton. Printed 12.5mm Silk Charmeuse with designs from the Microworld collecton.
Digital Ink Jet printing of fabric is highly cost effective. It will give you fully reproducible results, although there can be slight dye lot differences. It is very efficient and is a source for creative personalized and customized production. It is flexible and fast compared to other fabric printing techniques. Any design can be used either by being scanned into the computer and manipulated or by creating a design directly on the computer using the many different programs available to the computer artist. Colors can be changed by just a simple mouse click. There is no limitation to the numbers or shades of a color being printed since the color is mixed on the fabric by the printer. My printing is eco-friendly since the dyes are all water-based and all of the color goes onto the fabric, not into the wastewater. The energy and water consumption is low throughout the printing, steaming, and washing process. There is no need to clean equipment between printing runs making everything more efficient.

As an artist, when I am printing someone else's designs, I give it the same care and attention to detail as I do my own designs. Printing the fabric is the first step. I make sure color saturation is optimal and repeats fit within the fabric as designed. Steaming, to set the dye, can be tricky, and I make certain no water stains occur during the process. Washing is always done at the correct temperature for each fabric. I use a Fisher-Paycal machine which gives wonderful results and is classified an ecosmart machine. I hand press each print before it is packaged for shipping.

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Pricing: Set up, printing, artwork

Fabric: You supply or I do

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My pricing, based on a web search, is the best in the business. I hope this will allow more artists to print their own designs and perhaps produce finished articles. The fabrics produced are truely amazing.

Printed 12.5mm Silk Charmeuse with designs from the Diana Ballard Designs collecton.

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