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The printer that I use is the Mimaki JV22-160 which has been adapted to be used with fabrics. It has a high-speed piezo four printhead system which gaurantees a good balance between speed and quality. It encorporates Variable Dot Technology which enables a full coverage of highlights and shadows with a rich range of color graduations. This technology gives you natural and beautiful images at varying print speeds and resolutions. The maximum printing width is 63.4" making it capable of printing many of the different fabric widths available.

The software that I use to run the printer is Wasatch SoftRip TX for textile printing. It is a print management package that includes the specialty features required by textile printers. SoftRip TX can take a single repeat and produce it without even the faintest visible seam. This saves computing time and memory by producing endless repeats. It can customize your repeats with advanced drop and slide controls. The software has an exact color atlas generator that makes it easy to match color accurately. It also has a quick colorways function that allows you to create, view, edit and manage multiple colorways.

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