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All of these designs are for sale, can be licensed for different products, or can be purchased as yardage or scarves. The colorways and some of the backgrounds can be changed as well as the size of the components and repeats. Borders can be created to go with many of the designs. You can see several border designs on the scarves page as well as a design that was manipulated to be incorporated into a square scarf. Additional fees will be charged for certain changes or manipulations. Please contact me with any of your questions. Click on any image for a larger version of the design.

Animals Christmas Flowers Foods Fruits Insects Plants Shells

Animals  [Back to Top]

Christmas  [Back to Top]
Holly Nutcrackers Nutcrackers 2 Pine

Flowers  [Back to Top]
Daffodils Stargazer Lilies Tulips Irises Irises 2
Pansies Red Rosebuds Yellow Rosebuds Pink Rosebuds

Foods  [Back to Top]
Assorted Chilis Habanero Chilis Serrano Chilis Bagels Sushi
Coffee & Beans Coffee & Words

Fruits  [Back to Top]
Fruit Harvest Mixed Berries Blackberries Raspberries Strawberries
Plums Plums 2

Insects  [Back to Top]
Dragonflies Dragonflies 2 Ladybugs Ladybugs 2 Beehive
Bees 1 Bees 2 Bees 3

Plants  [Back to Top]
Beans Herbs

Shells  [Back to Top]
Shells Scallops

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