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Your files can be either RGB or CMYK.

The recommended resolution for your images is 300 to 360 dpi. The lowest resolution to use would be 150 dpi, however, the higher the resolution the better the quality of your print.

If your design is in repeat send the file containing only one repeat tile at its full size. My printing software can tile the repeat. Let me know what kind of repeat is involved. If you are printing an overall design not containing a repeat send the design at the exact size you want it printed. If the design needs any adjustments for printing there will be an $80.00 an hour charge for Design fees.

File Formats Accepted:
If you are given a choice save your file for a PC format. Contact me if your file type is not listed.
If you are using fonts make sure they have been turned into outlined artwork.

I will need the files sent to me on a CD or as an Email file. I will need a hard copy printout of the design or section of the design to scale. If you want me to match any specific colors send color chips, original artwork, swatches, pantone colors, etc. to enable me to match them as close as possible. Email and mailing addresses are located on the Contact page.

I can do custom design work for you at a cost of $80.00 an hour plus materials. Give me an idea and I can create a design for whatever type of product you need (fabric, paper, wallpaper, etc.). You can supply drawings, photos, digital files and other items and I will work with you to get the design that you want to print. Take a look at some of the custom fabrics that I have done on the Custom Fabric Designs page.

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